50 Year Celebration

Church History – 50 Year Celebration

Salem History
Translation from the
1906 50th Anniversary Booklet
which was written in German

This little booklet does not give a complete record of happenings of the Salem Church of Norwalk Parish of Evangelical Fellowship; but states only certain circumstances. Hopefully this will better acquaint the younger members with their church and awaken a deeper love for it.

It is highly necessary to give an account of the beginnings of Evangelical Fellowship of the Norwalk Parish and the Salem Church because there are only a few of the old timers left who can recall the past. As far as can be recalled Henry Esch was the first minister in the area of which is now the Salem Church. Before the year 1856, they were ministered to by Minister H. Esh and L. Von Wald. In the year 1856, July 27 the first quarterly conference was held in the house of Jacob Menn. The following members attended: H Esher, V.A.; C.A. Schnake, A. Pr.; H. Esch local Pr; Oto Kuederling, class leader; August Rath, class leader, Jacob Menn and Friederick Markgraf Vermahner. Brother C.A. Schnake served as missionary of this so-called Kickapoo Mission in the 1857, of which the results are hard to ascertain. In 1863 the first church was erected on the land of Jacob Menn under the oversight of Ernst Schultz as minister.

In 1875 the second and much nicer church was erected under the oversight of C. Meuller as minister. The cost was $2700. There was great happiness among the members and ministers when the new building was completed. On April 28, 1873 at the conference held in Lomira, Dodge Co., Wisconsin and Kickapoo Mission was charged to a Parish. 1878 brought a new name for this mission field, namely Norwalk Parish. In 1882 the Norwalk Parish was officially recognized by Minister F.T. Eilert. Which was richly blessed of the Lord so that the daughter Parish far outnumbered the mother Parish.

The year 1895 saw the need for a new church building for the Immanuel Parish, which with God’s blessings and the wise leadership of the building committee was accomplished without outside help. If the peace of God abides between the two parishes, they will prosper. There are around 232 members in this mission field. If the intention of the mission is accomplished a new parsonage will be built, so that not only will there be two parishes but also a parsonage. May we have the Lord’s blessing in this mission field!

This poem [PDF] was written for the 50th anniversary (Author Unknown).